Types of Transformers

  1. The transformers already installed on channel letters or any other neon illuminated sign are two types
    a.- The old type non GFI Transfomer
    b.- The new type with GFI  transformer
  2. Transformers are also made in 30 Ma and 60 Ma output currents
    When a 60 Ma transformer is used in a sign , the neon electrodes have to be also rated at 60 Ma or higher , if  a replacement neon letter is made with 30 Ma electrodes and installed on a sign with a 60 ma output current , the electrodes on that letter will heat up and they will not last  very long.

Self Enclosed Transformer

The box is design for the flexible conduit to connect directly to it.

Self enclosed Transformer










standard outdoor transformerRegular Outdoor Neon Transformer

This transformer need a metal box to enclose it






Metal  box for the regular neon transformer


neon transformer box





Channel Letter Transformer

Channel Letter TransformerSome large channel letters have a transformer like this one in each letter









Housing Transformers

Housing transformers


This transformer are also installed in large channel letters and the electrodes go inside the housings

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