It’s Raining Money

it's raining MoneyIt’s no secret that when it rains all sign maintenance people are happy , well at least the ones that are self employed because the ones that are employed maybe are not that happy , and it’s because the rains bring work , and that is because the rains and snow  will make some signs stop working and you will have a lot of calls the following days after the rains .
After you have been in the business for a while and have created a clientele you get to know your signs and know exactly where the weak spots of a sign are , and that helps a lot to speed the repair.
Sometimes when it rains really hard it’s impossible that water will not get inside the sign an create a temporary short , but if the sign has GFI transformers then that is enough to trip it and turn the transformer off.
Sometimes when the sign is turned off by the timer or the owner the transformer will reset itself and start working again , by then the rain has stopped and the cause of the short is gone .
Conclusion ;
If it has a GFI transformer it’s better to wait a few days , it may reset itself.
The problem is with the transformers without GFI , if they are ON they will keep going even if the rain is pouring , and they are damaging parts of the sign , so those signs you can be sure will need fixing.


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