IMG_3258The sign repair business has always been for sign companies the source of the fast cash flow , and that is because most of the time you are done with the job in one or two days and sometimes even at the first visit to the sign . So it’s a fast way of making money and it’s also a job that not many people are into . But that’s not all , in some cases you get other types of repairs from the owner of the sign but related mostly with illumination , like office fluorescent lighting , or outdoor lighting.
The sign maintenance business can also include , installation of timers or photocells . Many signs are on 24 hours a day and the owner sometimes doesn’t  know , his sign is wasting power because during the day it doesn’t need to be on and also it’s shortening the life of the neon and transformers.
So overall it’s a good business to get into and you don’t need a very big investment , a truck some ladders and basic tools and you in business.
This is perfect for people that already have experience with electricity and for electricians .
You will find in this website all the information you need to start repairing electric neon illuminated signs.

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