How To Prolong The Life Of A Neon Sign

All neon has a limited life span , it’s probably the only light source with the longest life span. If the neon was made¬†correctly it can¬†easily live for more than 15 years , i have seen neon still lighted up that has been installed for 50 years and still going.
The neon that i have seen live the longest is the neon that is not ON 24/7 but that it has a timer or a photocell, you can shorten the life of neon and the transformer by having it on always , but you can make it last to its fullest by installing a timer and having it off in the day , it was never intended to be on during the day . The transformer gets hot when in use and the electrodes get warm , and anything that gets warm or hot is in a sense cooking . it’s parts in a very slow way being transformed (that is what cooking is) until it comes a time when due to the slow cooking it looses it’s properties and stops working . So to prolong the life of a neon sign put a timer or photo cell .

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