How to prevent future problems with a customer

  1. You have to make aware to the customer exactly what you did to the sign , if you just replaced one neon letter , you have to specify in the invoice which letter was replaced and you have to specify the condition of the rest of the sign if you saw that it was in bad shape , that way you are informing what you are responsible for and what you are not responsible for , because if you do not indicate in writing in the invoice ,the client could make you responsible for the whole sign . So if the sign has 3 transformers and you just replaced one , you have to indicate that the transformer you replaced is illuminating the XYZ letters and not the whole sign , so next time your client calls and it’s another bad transformer they will know it’s not the same one.
  2. Same situation with the letters you have to specify in the invoice in writing which letters you replaced with new neon , that way you have proof that the next time it’s not the same letters failing.


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