Evaluation of The Sign

bad sign installNot all signs are created equal.
The reason is that some signs are installed in an incorrect way , and i am talking about wires everywhere , no metal conduits , no grounding , transformer exposed . So this is why i evaluate the sign before i decide to go ahead with the repair , and the reason is that if i see a badly installed sign i will not go ahead with the repair, specially if it has one of the old transformers with no GFI (ground fault interrupter ) ,because the probabilities of something going wrong after the repair is high just because of the badly wired sign, but maybe the client will accept a upgrade of the signs wiring then it’s possible to work on the sign.
Another situation is an old sign that has a lot of problems , including very old neon that looks like it’s at the end of it’s life , where you know that some neon will not survive 6 more months , then you have to tell the client before hand that you will repair the bad neon section but that more neon sections will fail in the near future and that it’s a good idea to replace all the neon , that way you prevent future problems with your customer. If the client refuses to do that and just wants to replace the one bad neon letter then you have to put a note on the invoice as proof that you advise your client of what could happen and also put on the invoice what letter you replaced , because what could happen is that in the future when the sign fails again you are covered , you can only warranty for the letter you replaced not the whole sign.

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