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This website is intended for electricians who want to include Sign Maintenance into their services. It’s packed with information that will clear all the mysteries surrounding the high voltage used in Electric signs illuminated by neon , be it Channel letter signs ,Window neon signs , window border neon .

Content List

Electric sign Repair illuminated with neon

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety and precaution
  3. What to do if you are grabbed by the high voltage
  4. How neon channel letters are wired
  5. The force field around the neon glass
  6. Types of transformers
  7. Types of Installations
  8. The Timer
  9. How to prevent future problems with a customer
  10. Schematic drawings  and more technical information
  11. The Night Patrol

Troubleshooting  a Channel  letter Sign

  1.  Evaluation of the sign
  2.  Checking the sign where to start
  3. The Channel Letter (Video)
  4. The symptoms, the possible cause
  5. It’s Raining Money
  6. How Do GFI transformers Really Work
  7. How To Check a no GFI Transformer (video)
  8. How to check a GFI transformer  (video)
  9. How to check the neon
  10. How to prolong  the life of a neon sign
  11. Pk housings and Age of neon

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